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What We Do

When you’re working to reach new patients and meet their healthcare needs, you shouldn’t have to worry about marketing strategies and search engine rankings. Our healthcare SEO efforts increase your visibility while polishing your online reputation, increasing your traffic, leads, and revenue. DodgeballSEO uses current best practices to help you show up higher in the search results most relevant to your business, showing patients and practices why you are the best choice around.

What to Expect

We use a set minimum of one-time and monthly actions, tailored specifically to your industry and desired outcomes, to help you find new leads and grow. We’ve developed these best practices through years of experience, so you’ll never pay for SEO gimmicks that don’t produce results. Most importantly, we constantly evaluate our strategies through 3rd party tools to ensure and measure your results.

With DodgeballSEO, you’ll receive digital marketing efforts that include:

  • Competitor review
  • Keyword research report
  • New pages of blog and other content
  • Optimization existing pages
  • Ongoing directories and listings management
  • Google Places management
  • Reports dashboard
  • Social media sharing of your content
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We’ve recruited the best to offer the best. Every team member is US-based, with years of experience and expertise in helping companies shine in their industries and stand out from their competition.

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Today, the internet is the first place patients go to find support and answers. When you don’t have a handle on your online presence, these patients can’t find you when they need your services most. Even worse, you lose this business to competitors with a thriving digital presence. Though you try to manage your social media, emails, and reviews, you feel like you’re fighting a costly battle you can’t hope to win or even understand.

The good news? You’re not alone.

We have worked with 80+ practices across the USA that dealt with the same problems and frustrations. Our cost-effective approach to best digital marketing practices works across any market, type of care, and level of online marketing experience in your organization. With DodgeballSEO, companies can rise through search engine rankings, optimize online marketing, and ultimately reach new business.

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Dodgeball Marketing is a product of GoEpps in Nashville. Backed by nine years of experience and staffed by a full-time team headquartered on Main Street in Nashville, TN, we serve businesses and organizations coast-to-coast in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, technology services, and more.

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