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Deliver Added Value to Your Customers With Optimized Thank You Pages

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Deliver Added Value to Your Customers With Optimized Thank You Pages

Thank you pages, the website pages that pop up after visitors take an action online, such as booking an appointment or downloading an ebook, are often an afterthought. However, they should be taken seriously. These pages provide a final opportunity to engage visitors and leave them feeling good about visiting your site. Sometimes, thank you pages allow you to make an additional sale or get people to take another action.

This guide explains what you need to know to create effective thank you pages.

What to Know About Thank You Pages

Thank You Pages: The Basics

A thank you page is what website visitors are redirected to after taking an action, such as completing a form or making a purchase.

Its central purpose is to acknowledge the website visitor’s action, express appreciation for it, explain some next steps, and maybe encourage them to take another action, such as an upsell or cross-sell.

The benefit of thank you pages is that they serve a similar purpose as a confirmation email, but people don’t have to choose to open it. Think of a thank you page as the final step in your conversion campaign and the first one in building a new customer relationship.

The thank you page gives you an opportunity to turn a lead into a customer — or a customer into an advocate for your brand. The best thank you pages are clear and concise, employ a clean layout, and delight visitors.

What Is the Benefit of a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is an easy opportunity to give customers a positive surprise, giving them something they want (or didn’t know they wanted).

You may be thinking, “How do I know what my customer wants?”

In this case, knowing your customer’s desire is simple: they told you when they followed through on a call to action (CTA) on your site.

After someone acts on a CTA, it only makes sense to direct them to a thank you page before they click away. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to visitors that you’re always ready to deliver added value.

For instance, if someone books an appointment for a consultation, use the thank you page as a chance to add value by explaining how to prepare for the experience.

Can you see why ignoring thank you pages is a major missed opportunity?

Types of Thank You Pages

Here are some opportunities to add thank you pages to your website.

Contact Form Completion

This type of page lets you confirm to your website visitor that they completed their intended action successfully. Tell them what they can expect next. Also, remind them what you will (and won’t) do with their personal information. It helps build customer confidence and trust.

Resource Download

If you offer an ebook or other lead generation downloadable, you likely send a link to it via email. Still, it’s a good idea to provide a download link to the item right on a thank you page, as well. It keeps the visitors engaged on your site and increases the likelihood they’ll view the content immediately. It also provides an opportunity to encourage a higher-value conversion action.

Purchase Confirmation

The post-sale thank you page provides an opportunity to recommend similar, related, or complementary products that could increase the value of the purchase. To improve effectiveness, customize these recommendations to the items bought and include an offer, such as a coupon, to sweeten the deal.

Appointments and Reservations

When someone signs up for an appointment or makes a reservation, the thank you page provides a chance to deliver additional value by explaining how the visitor can prepare and plan for the event. For instance, include information on where to park. Messages should make people feel more comfortable about what they will encounter.

Account Creation

A thank you page provides an opportunity to lead new clients seamlessly into your onboarding process after creating an account. This makes it more likely they’ll take the actions you want them to take; it will also optimize your relationship with them and help you retain more customers.

Consultation Booking

Many businesses require an initial consultation with prospective clients before doing business. Use a thank you page to deliver messages that reinforce the value of the consultation, making it more likely people will keep appointments.

Newsletter Subscription

After someone signs up for a newsletter, leverage a thank you page to reinforce the quality of your content so people are more likely to open the email when it arrives. You can also encourage visitors to take additional actions to get more of your content, such as following you on social media.

Event Registration Confirmation

Whether visitors have signed up for a webinar or an in-person event, this type of thank you page helps to set the tone and deliver messages that encourage people to show up. It can also include key information regarding how to present a ticket, where to click or park to attend, what to expect during the event (an itinerary/program), and more.

Thank You Pages: The Bottom Line

Thank you pages let you show appreciation and deliver added value to visitors who have taken action on your website. This will provide a delightful experience that can encourage people to do more business with you and build long-term brand loyalty.

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