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Making Videos for Your Business Is Easier Than You Think: Here's How

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Making Videos for Your Business Is Easier Than You Think Heres How

Video isn’t an “optional” marketing channel anymore. It’s required these days, especially if you’re trying to sell things to younger people, who prefer viewing to reading.

Not sure how to get started with video?

Video marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or costly. This guide explains what you must know to become a video marketing pro with your smartphone.

Focus on Quality

Quality is essential to video viewers. There’s too much good stuff out there for people to be willing to put up with junk. However, you don’t need expensive equipment to create quality content. These days, your smartphone is all it takes to shoot a video that prospective buyers will love.

Modern phones let you shoot video in 4K quality and at 30 frames per second, which is ideal if you’re filming in areas with poor lighting. Shooting at this level of quality will reflect favorably on your business and its service and product offerings and won’t look dated over time. Longevity is essential for evergreen content. When you produce high-quality videos, it’s also easier to repurpose them in different formats, including use on YouTube, your website, and social media.

Remember that audio is a crucial component of the video content you produce, and that quality audio is often more difficult (and more important) to nail down. Smartphone microphones have gotten much better, but it’s worth investing in separate audio equipment and audio editing software to ensure your visuals are matched with crisp sounds.

Expert tip: Buy a phone just to shoot videos for your business because 4K video uses a lot of data storage. Alternatively, get access to additional cloud storage for your video content (Google Drive, DropBox, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.)

Invest in the Right Set-Up

You don’t need to buy a costly camera to shoot videos. However, it’s a smart idea to invest in a tripod, lighting, and a microphone (as mentioned above) to create professional-quality content.

Don’t make the common error of buying a flimsy tripod. Cheap ones break too easily. Instead, buy one with a fluid head, which can be had for less than $100.

Decent lighting is a critical component of creating quality videos. When you don’t use the proper lighting, video looks grainy and pixelated. That’s because phone camera lenses overcompensate to lighten things up. You can purchase a basic lighting kit for $50-$100.

We mentioned it before and it’s worth mentioning again: the final thing you need to purchase to create quality videos is a good microphone. Find one that can be connected directly to a phone or through an adapter. You can find good ones for $100 or less.

Create a Comfortable Filming Environment

Even though videos are ubiquitous today, many people are still uneasy about appearing in them.

Here are some tips for coming across well on videos:

  • Project your voice to demonstrate confidence

  • Maintain eye contact with the camera to build trust with viewers

  • Maintain a smile throughout recording

  • Naturally gesticulate (use hand gestures) as you speak

  • Speak as you usually do (do not affect an over-the-top onscreen character that will come across as disingenuous to viewers)

To get comfortable appearing on video, practice on camera, and review the recording to identify areas for improvement. Don’t expect to nail the first take, or the second (or third). Keep at it.

Script the Conversation

It may seem faster and easier to produce a video without a script. However, you should avoid speaking extemporaneously. A script helps ensure the footage tells the intended story and serves the marketing goal.

At its simplest, a video script should follow the following flow:

  • Identify an issue viewers may or may not realize they have

  • Explain the solution your company offers related to the issue

  • Connect the problem and solution for the viewer

  • Explain the next steps (call-to-action)

Try to keep the script to a minute or less, about 120 words, because people have short attention spans.

Important to note: Certain kinds of videos do lend themselves better to off-the-cuff speaking, such as brief company updates, candid reels, behind-the-scenes footage, and the like. This type of video is increasingly popular on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, but they’re best suited for businesses that adopt a laid-back brand voice and benefit from showing their audience what goes on day-to-day at the business.

Edit the Video

Even with a script, most videos don’t come out perfect right out of the gate. Fortunately, you can (and should) edit your video. Leverage an app like InShot to edit videos right on your phone. It’s an effective introductory-level editing tool that allows you to fix errors and add transitions and graphics. As you gain experience, you can up your editing game and produce more sophisticated videos.

Smartphone Videos: The Final Word

Video marketing is no longer aspirational for most businesses. It’s a required tactic. It’s also not as costly an endeavor as it used to be. Simply pick up your smartphone, invest in some worthwhile visual and audio equipment, and leverage the tips in this guide to produce professional quality videos prospective buyers will love.

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