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Press Release: Nashville Digital Marketing Agency Thrives in an Evolving Market

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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We’re excited to share this news from GoEpps. Check out our latest press release to find out how our marketing agency continues to grow, adapt, and evolve.

Nashville, TN. A once small digital marketing agency has thrived and continued to grow despite many challenges and an ever-changing market. GoEpps is a digital marketing agency located in the heart of downtown Nashville. CEO and Founder, Michael Epps Utley, uses innovation and effective marketing strategies to deliver effective results for every client. Built on the philosophy that you don't lead by hoping people follow you, but by solving problems for them, GoEpps has risen to the challenge and made it their mission to deliver valuable online marketing services to clients.

Utley decided that it was time to level up and add more hands on deck as they continue to expand their services, creating life-enriching growth for their team while maintaining the ability to thrive as a small and lean organization, with clients coast to coast.

GoEpps’ expansion begins with the addition of a new partner, Michelle Catolico. Michelle is the new President of GoEpps. They have also brought on an investment partner, Byrne Capital Ventures. Utley knew it was time to make the decision to come into a partnership to be able to scale strategically, and Mike and Michelle were the perfect choices for GoEpps as they continue to grow and expand.

GoEpps is a growth company. For us and our clients. The last few years have brought nothing but adversity, but that is where we thrive. We were born during the Great Recession, and going through a tornado, the pandemic, and the crazy year of 2020, frankly, made us rise to the occasion. We grow business, no matter what is going on outside. Because of our growth over the last few years - we need more hands on deck. And we need more leadership. Michelle brings that - with her on board, we are leveling up what we do and who we are. That will benefit our clients,” says Michael Utley, CEO, and Founder of GoEpps.

This team of marketing professionals has taken full advantage of the rapid changes in the industry and has not let anything hold them back.

New President and partner of GoEpps, Michelle Catolico, says, “I am incredibly excited about joining the GoEpps team. The people and culture are ultimately why I decided to come into this partnership. They are fantastic! The innovation and growth the Digital Marketing landscape is going through is incredible. I see a huge opportunity, allowing us to super-serve our clients with innovative solutions, growing their businesses and ours."

Whether it’s working with clients or expanding the company, Michelle is committed to furthering the credibility, integrity, and trust that define the GoEpps legacy.

Byrne Capital Ventures is super excited about our partnership and investment in GoEpps. Digital Marketing is vital to every business. However, the attraction and excitement around GoEpps are the people, the team, and the leadership. The future is bright!” says Mike Byrne – CEO of Byrne Capital Ventures.

With a high-quality and dedicated team behind them, there is no slowing down for this fast-growing digital marketing agency. Offering a wide range of services, such as social media management and advertising, paid search, email marketing, audio and video, SEO, marketing strategy planning, and media buying, GoEpps does it all, and they’re just getting started.

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