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SEO Best Practices: Is Your Logo in the Header or the Hero?

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Is the logo in the header

Website design and development are integral to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Where something is on your website has the potential to bring clicks and activity, and search engine bots take note of that.

SEO and Logo Placement

When it comes to logo placement, you want to give people an immediate idea of what you will offer them without taking up valuable real estate where key information needs to be.

Our research and work as a performance marketing agency has shown a correlation between higher-ranking websites and a logo in the top-left section of the header. It’s also important to include any text-based info that’s in your logo, like the company name, in HTML and not in the image. Search bots can’t read the picture itself, so they rely on your HTML to tell them where the logo is and what it says.

Content Marketing and Logo Placement

Including and placing your logo on your website involves both content marketing and branding decisions. Home and landing page content marketing, in particular, can be impacted for the better by where your logo goes.

It's tempting to put the logo front and center. But the hard facts are, your customers don’t care as much about your logo as you do. The logo itself does little to tell them what tools and expertise you’ll give them to make their life easier and/or their business better. Information regarding your services needs to go in the “hero area”: above the fold, right in the middle of your home page and landing pages.

Putting a logo in that top-center, "hero" area of a web page reduces the space you have to make a strong, clear first impression. Explaining exactly what you do and how you help customers reach their goals is essential, so that space shouldn't be monopolized by your logo. That's why we recommend putting the logo in the header of your home page and landing pages, rather than the hero area.

Making the Most of Your Logo

Your logo is certainly a branding asset, but it needs to be reinforced with appropriate content in your header that will give your customers more information and give your SEO a boost. Here’s what we do to reinforce logo placement for our products and our clients’ websites:

  • Tagline: All you need is a few words about what you do: “Performance Marketing Agency”.

  • Company Name: Clarity is key. Including your company name under or near your logo leaves no confusion about who you are or where the user is.

  • Service Area: Any service area, local keywords, or other geographic information will help people and search bots get oriented: “Serving the Southeast US from Nashville, TN.”

Along with simple mentions in your header text, you can include this information in alt text and filenames for your logo and other images used in your header and footer.

Use Data with Logo Placement and Design

Whether you’re working on a website redesign, launching new landing pages for an online advertising campaign, or conducting a website audit, consider whether your logo is in the optimal place for users and search engines.

Tools like heatmapping can reveal where clicks and activity are happening on your webpage. Your logo can be in an active area without taking the place of critical information your customers need.

When working with a performance marketing agency, be sure they’re focused not just on a slick presentation, but on data-driven insights that combine design with improving your search engine ranking for more website conversions.

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