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Seven Ways Quizzes Can Unlock Your Marketing Game

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Marketing quizzes

According to DemandGen, people find interactive content twice as engaging as static material.

The good news for small business owners is that interactivity doesn’t require complicated, AI-powered, immersive experiences or costly technology. Interactive content can be as simple as asking your website visitors a few questions in an entertaining and engaging way in the form of a quiz.

Quizzes constitute a powerful marketing tool. Quiz experiences get visitors involved while generating leads. You can market to those leads more effectively by using information gathered from quiz responses.

Here are seven proven ways to use quizzes in your marketing.‍

1. Leverage Quizzes to Collect Email Addresses

Quiz funnels offer a great way to get new website visitors involved right away and encourage them to share relevant information, such as email addresses.

These types of lead capture quizzes can work for nearly any industry. For instance, contractors can ask website visitors about their vision for their homes, then invite them to sign up to stay informed about home design and renovation trends. You know a little about their taste and vision from their quiz answers so you can target your messages to them more effectively.

To maximize your lead capture success, ensure your site visitors see your quiz. Use a pop-up or banner to promote it.

2. Don’t Forget: Calculators Count as Quizzes, Too

Answers to questions are one thing. Numbers-based consumer information can take marketing personalization to a whole other level.

Calculators can generate valuable consumer data in almost any industry:

  • For financial service companies, a calculator is a form of a quiz that can get people to reveal an aspect of their finances they’re concerned about (for example, a debt calculator) or a financial goal they want to achieve (like saving for college).

  • Medical practices could give prospective patients an opportunity to determine if they have a health issue through an online blood pressure experience (within HIPAA regulations, of course).

  • Gyms and weight loss centers can give people a chance to envision a path to a healthier and more fit future through weight and fitness calculators.

  • Educational companies could use numbers-based assessments to help prospective students understand where they are now in their learning journey and where they might be in the future.

Ultimately, a calculator or assessment is a way to engage consumers with a numbers-based quiz – one that could provide your business with a lot of quantitative data about prospective buyers, so long as you’re able to gather their contact information in the process.

3. Use Quizzes to Capture Consumer Preferences

Everyone loves to share their opinions about what they do or don’t like. Why not use a quiz to capture consumer preferences and customize your marketing?

Let’s say you own a shop that sells mattresses. With a preference quiz, you allow visitors to tell you whether they like to sleep on their back, side, or stomach. You can find out whether they prefer soft, normal, or firm mattresses. Once visitors input their preferences, you request their email addresses to receive customized mattress recommendations.

After you’ve captured this information, make sure you put it to use. With preference data, you can:

  • Segment users into different email or SMS lists so you can deliver targeted content.

  • Use dynamic content to personalize your emails and social media campaigns with recommendations and other material based on preferences.

  • Show personalized calls to action on your site to increase the chances of conversion.

You can connect your website visitors with the perfect deal using preference quiz data. If you provide value through customized content and offers, website visitors will be more willing to part with their contact information.

4. Convert Shoppers with Product Recommendation Quizzes

Product recommendation quizzes are a powerful way to drive sales. They’re similar to an opinion or preference quiz. Instead of asking about general preferences, however, you provide website visitors with either/or choices about the products or services you offer through an interactive experience.

Rather than having to navigate through your site to find what they want, consumers can identify what they want quickly with this type of quiz.

For example, if you own a watch store, you could start by showing visitors watches with metal bands and leather ones and make them choose which they like. Then you can present dress and casual models, different colors, and ones with diamonds and others without. Eventually, you present the visitor with the perfect timepiece. In this case, you may not need to ask for an email address to reveal the ideal watch because you may make the sale as soon as you identify the wristwatch they want.

Recommendation quizzes can work for many types of products and services – they could help lead consumers to the perfect food, massage, workout solution, restaurant experience, and more.

5. Welcome New Visitors With a Conversational Quiz

Even the best-designed website may require visitors to explore a bit before they find what they need. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the patience to navigate a site. People today expect to see what they want right away. If they don’t, they’ll move on to a competitor.

With a conversational quiz, you can immediately engage new website visitors, ensuring the right digital content gets in front of them fast. A quiz like this asks visitors one or more short questions before directing them to the right page. It’s almost like an online chat but less conversational and more directional.

For example, if you own a complex medical practice, this type of quiz could take prospective patients to a page featuring the kind of healthcare services they need, along with helpful information. This will help ensure they book an appointment with you, not a competing healthcare provider.

Another benefit: Conversational quizzes can do more than deliver a better online experience. By helping visitors find the content they want, you can improve your site’s bounce rates, sending positive signals to Google, which could help you improve your search rankings.

6. Use Quizzes to Capture and Prequalify Leads.

Quizzes aren’t just for B2C (business-to-consumer) brands. B2B (business-to-business) companies can benefit from them, as well.

Instead of collecting lead information in a long and tedious form, use a multi-step experience to capture data gradually. Put a compelling spin on the experience, so people feel they’re on a journey and not just inputting information. This data can inform your sales outreach, help you tailor your product and service demos to prospect needs, or get website visitors to content that can get them answers to questions they may have. As a final step, insert an appointment-scheduling widget to make the lead generation experience as smooth as possible.

7. Use Quizzes to Improve Paid Advertising Results

If you run paid advertising, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Consider adding quizzes to your paid advertising campaigns. Promoting a quiz in your ad’s call to action is a proven way to get more people to click. Engaging users with an interactive quiz right when they arrive on your website makes it more likely that they will give up contact information or purchase something.

A popular example of this approach is the “gift finder” quiz. During the holidays, many companies advertise online experiences that can help people find a gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend. People are attracted to them if they need to purchase something for someone but don’t know exactly what to get them. The quiz drives them to a reasonable gift option that they will likely buy. This model is used for many purposes in different industries. Promoting your online experience in your ads will drive more traffic to your online quiz, making more conversions possible.

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with Quizzes

No matter what products or services you sell, you could improve your sales by wielding the power of quizzes.

Of course, building a quiz can be easier said than done. Fortunately, many simple online quiz builders are available that can make the development process relatively simple. What’s important is that you have your end goal in mind before creating your experience so you can craft a journey that drives consumers to the action(s) you want them to take.

The good news for new quiz builders: Quizzes aren’t a one-and-done deal. You can constantly revise them after launch until they generate your desired results.

Today’s consumers want to be entertained before and during the buying process. Quizzes are one of the simplest, most efficient, and cost-effective ways to do just that.

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