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What’s Next in Marketing? Top Trends From Marketing Leaders

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Whats Next in Marketing Top Trends From Marketing Leaders

HubSpot, a well-known marketing technology leader, recently surveyed more than 1,200 global business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers on their current marketing tactics and strategies along with the challenges they face.

We reviewed the extensive study to come up with our list of the top five marketing tactics businesses should consider focusing on right now.

1. Short-Form Video Is Popular and Will Continue to Be

Short-form video is the most popular tactic among the marketers surveyed by HubSpot, with one out of three currently leveraging it. On top of that, they also view short videos as the most effective media type and believe that it provides the highest return on investment in marketing.

It’s no wonder that short-form video will see the most growth of any marketing trend this year and beyond. Marketers who participated in the survey plan to invest more in it than any other tactic. In fact, ninety percent of companies currently leveraging short videos will increase or maintain their spending on it next year. More than 20 percent of businesses surveyed plan to use short-form video for the first time this year, also the most of any marketing tactic.

2. Influencer Marketing Continues to Deliver an Attractive ROI

More than 25 percent of companies currently practice influencer marketing. One likely reason is that it delivers the second-highest ROI of any marketing tactic included in the HubSpot survey. Interestingly, many companies combine it with short-form video to leverage the two highest ROI tactics at the same time, maximizing their results.

Influencer marketing will experience significant growth in 2023, with 17 percent of businesses planning to invest in it for the first time, which is the second highest of any marketing tactic. Just under 90 percent of organizations currently using it will maintain or increase their spending on it next year.

Beyond this, HubSpot’s consumer trends survey reveals that one in three Gen Zers bought a product based on an influencer’s recommendation in the last quarter. The survey also reports that when making buying decisions, Gen Z says influencer recommendations are more important than ones from family and friends.

3. Branded Social Media Direct Messaging (DM) Is Growing

Using DM through social media for customer service is a relatively new practice. Despite its novelty, it’s currently offered by almost 30 percent of businesses. It has the third-highest return of any marketing investment. Its use will grow this year, with 15 percent of organizations planning to take advantage of it for the first time. In addition, 87 percent of companies using social media DMs for customer service will maintain or increase their spending this year. As social media platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook continue to expand their e-commerce capabilities, providing customer service through DMs will become more necessary.

HubSpot’s Consumer Trends survey found that over 20 percent of Gen Zers and nearly 25 percent of Millennials have contacted a company through social media for customer service in the past quarter.

Using social media for shopping is another growing, high-ROI marketing trend that ties in with providing support through DMs. Almost three out of ten people in Gen Z and Millennials have purchased a product on social media in the last three months (in no small part thanks to targeted ads). It’s likely that if they need help with it, they will turn to DMs on the platforms.

4. Website SEO Remains a High Priority

Leveraging a blog backed by a sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is still popular among marketers. Just under 30 percent of them use the tactic to attract and convert leads.

SEO ranks number four in return on marketing investment and effectiveness, according to the HubSpot study. And 88 percent of people who practice it will maintain or increase their spending this year.

5. Companies Will Continue to Humanize Their Brands

Three out of ten organizations currently create content that reflects the personality of their brands, making this the third most popular marketing trend.

Brand humanization has the fifth-best ROI of any tactic and will continue to experience growth this year and beyond. Just over 15 percent of companies plan to develop content that reflects their brand’s personality and values for the first time in 2023. Plus, 89 percent of those already investing in it expect to maintain or increase their future spending.

Current Marketing Trends: The Final Word

One company’s marketing tactics may not be suitable for another’s. However, when enough marketers are leveraging something, it’s probably worth considering. Use our list compiled from this powerful HubSpot research to identify potential gaps in your marketing efforts.

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