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How to Get Five-Star Reviews on Google My Business

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How to Get Five Star Reviews on Google My Business Dodgeball Marketing

One of the most powerful aspects of Google Business Profiles (GBP) is the ability for small business owners to get ratings and reviews. They’re prominently featured when your business appears in Google search results or maps.

Two businesses being equal, the one with the better ratings and customer endorsements will be chosen by more consumers. This article explains how you can get five-star ratings and rave reviews that will encourage Google searchers to check you out.

How to Get Five-Star Ratings and Good Reviews on Google

Identify Your Delighted Clients or Customers and Ask for Reviews

It’s not enough to merely satisfy the people who purchase goods or services from you. You must delight them.

Develop a plan to determine which of your customers are happiest with their experience doing business with you. Have your customer service representatives or salespeople check that the people they serve are happy with their experience. This allows you to identify customers who are delighted with your company and could be excellent rating and review prospects. It also helps identify customers who could need additional help and support, or worse, those who are unhappy and could give you a bad rating and review.

Ask the people who are happy with your business to rate and review it on Google. Follow up with an email with a link to where they can provide the review, along with some direction about what you’d like it to convey. For instance, if you run a healthcare practice, reviews should include specific information about your services, the quality of the practitioner, the environment, ease of making appointments, customer service, and more. By contrast, restaurant reviews should include specifics about the food quality, service, and ambiance.

You can take your review request process to the next level by sending customers surveys after each interaction. Follow up the positive surveys with an email request for a Google review, including a link to your Google Business Profile and instructions on how to provide ratings and reviews.

Another way to garner reviews is to request them in Google posts. It could be the reminder customers need to say something great about your organization. You should also ask for a review at the end of every online chat and on your receipts and invoices, including a link to your Google Business Profile.

Many businesses automate their rating and review processes using software like, NiceJob, and ReviewTrackers. It turns what can be a somewhat tedious and time-consuming process into a relatively fast and simple one.

Respond to Great Reviews and Bad Ones

When you get good reviews, make it a point to acknowledge them with a thank-you and a statement of appreciation for the reviewer’s business. If you recognize the reviewer, make your comments personal. People love to be recognized, especially in the anonymity of the online universe. It will make them feel a closer connection to your business.

If any of your customers express any dissatisfaction with their interactions with your company, do everything possible to turn things around so they leave happy. The extra effort could result in a positive review. Perhaps more importantly, it will prevent a negative online slam against your business.

Even the best-run businesses make mistakes now and then. Or clients have unreasonable expectations. When you get negative reviews on Google, always respond to them. Make it clear that you want to resolve the issue. Taking this step demonstrates your commitment to customer service, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Google Business Reviews: The Final Word

Finally, before requesting Google ratings and reviews, ensure your business profile on the platform is complete and current. It could leave a negative impression on your otherwise happy customers if they have a bad experience leaving you a review.

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