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Temptation Bundling: A Novel Way to Increase Sales

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Temptation Bundling A Novel Way to Increase Sales

Do you sell products or services people need but don’t necessarily like to buy? Take, for instance, gym memberships, diet aides, and insurance. These are all important, useful things, but they’re not the most fun purchases to make.

This article explains how “temptation bundles” could help you increase sales of these not-so-exciting offerings.

What to Know About Temptation Bundling

What Is Temptation Bundling?

At its core, temptation bundling is the practice of pairing something more enjoyable with something less so. The reason for temptation bundling is to make something that’s often unappealing more attractive by associating it with something much more desirable.

Temptation bundling has become a significant marketing and sales tactic in recent years. It involves creating the right incentives to convert prospects into customers and do more business with them, especially when it comes to necessary but not inherently desirable goods and services.

Temptation Bundling: The Basics

What happens when you pair something you love to do with a tedious chore? For instance, say you don’t allow yourself to do something you love (like going shopping) until you complete a chore you dread (such as cleaning the floor). If you’re like most people, you’re more likely to tackle the not-so-fun tasks so you can earn the reward. In this case, you wash the floor so you can go shopping.

Temptation bundling plays into the human love for earning rewards, pushing us to reach a desired goal by accomplishing something we don’t want to do.

When it comes to marketing and sales, temptation bundles encourage people to buy goods and services they don’t necessarily like purchasing to get something they really want. Many businesses sell things people need but don’t want to buy, such as fireplace inspections, tree services, and furnace maintenance. The right temptation bundles make these offerings more attractive.

Getting Started With Temptation Bundling

Leveraging temptation bundling can significantly impact consumer behavior and drive sales. Here are some proven bundling strategies you can use to maximize its benefits.

Understand Your Target Audience

Conduct research to identify the preferences, desires, and pain points of the people you’re targeting. Knowing these things will help you create bundles they won’t be able to say no to.

Create Irresistible Bundles

Come up with bundles that combine products and/or services that complement each other, delivering enhanced value. Doing so will make them irresistible. For instance, combine an offer for a diet program with a gift card to a low-calorie yogurt shop. Add offers such as exclusive discounts or freebies to take the bundles up a notch.

Thoughtfully Personalize the Bundles

Tailor your bundles for different types of customers. Leverage data to understand buyer behavior and purchase history. Doing so allows you to create personalized packages and offers that are uniquely appealing.

Tighten Your Temptation Bundle Messaging

Make your bundled products and services easy to understand. And be sure to communicate the benefits of buying the pairings. It’s easy for combined offers to come across as complex. People are instantly put off if they feel like they’ll have to jump through hoops to get the desired outcome. Develop a seamless and intuitive shopping experience for the bundles to increase the likelihood of purchase.

Request Feedback and Reviews

Ask for customer feedback and reviews for the temptation bundles they’ve purchased. Positive reviews can strengthen the appeal of the bundles and get more people to buy them. Negative comments will allow you to quickly change or pull the bundles before they get broad exposure.

Experiment and Optimize

Continuously try out new bundle combinations, pricing options, and promotional tactics to figure out what resonates most with the people you’re targeting. Monitor the performance of your temptation bundles and make data-driven changes to improve them.

Temptation Bundles: What to Watch For

Temptation bundling pairs things shoppers try to avoid buying with something they want, making them more likely to purchase both.

You want to entice buyers with something they desire. At the same time, you don’t want to negate the benefits of your less-popular products and services. For instance, you never want to say exercising at a gym is bad. Instead, you could encourage people to join a gym by explaining that working out at it is more enjoyable with free AirPods. It’s a great way to get reluctant athletes to join a fitness club.

Temptation Bundling: The Final Word

To leverage temptation bundling successfully, businesses should thoroughly understand the people they’re targeting, create bundles that appeal to them, personalize offers, monitor results, get customer feedback, and continuously test new ideas. Honing in on this strategy can boost sales of your less-popular products and services.

Tempting, isn’t it?

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